KFC Is Trialling Its First Plant-Based Offering In Aus & I Can Finally Graduate From Chippies

kfc plant-based popcorn chicken australia trial

KFC is finally trialling out a finger-lickin’ option for those of us who don’t eat fried hot chicken. All the years of opting for chippies with potato and gravy may finally be behind us because the Colonel’s chooks are dishing up a plant-based version of Popcorn Chicken.

Of all the things that could have been recreated for plant-eaters, I’m so bloody glad it’s the delicious popcorn bites. It just feels right, you know?

It’s not just a veg twist on the bog-standard Popcorn Chicken, either. KFC has taken it a step further and used the kicking spice of Wicked Wings for the new meat-free treat. It’s called Wicked Popcorn, it’s made of pea protein and it comes with a brand new Lime Ranch dippy sauce which sounds like a perfect combo.

KFC wicked popcoirn plant based
[Image: Supplied]
You can cop the new popcorn mock-chicken either as a $2.95 snack-sized serving or a bigger Wicked Popcorn Bowl and combo if you’ve got a serious hunger to deal with. Either way they look delicious and I’m yearning for the day it’s unleashed Australia-wide.

The new Wicked Popcorn landed on menus at a select few KFC joints in NSW between Fairy Meadow and Bega on August 9 and will be hanging around until September 5. So you’ve got just under a month to get yourself to one of the chook shops on the coast to try out the new range.

Hell, it’d be worth the road trip to the south coast just to try it out — you could drop into a KFC and then go sit at the beach and scoff it down in your car with no shame. A time-honoured tradition for anyone who lives by the ocean, trust me.

“We’re excited to serve up Wicked Popcorn – an innovative product that offers more choice on our menu,” KFC Australia’s chief marketing officer Sally Spriggs said.

“We’re always looking to treat our fans with new products, so we hope they’ll enjoy this meat-free option which offers that great KFC taste our fans know and love. South Coast locals should head down to KFC for the limited-time offer and try it while they can!”

The limited edition trial is available at 14 stores on the NSW south coast so check your local (or dream coast spot) to see if they’re dishing out this new plant-based Wicked Popcorn. You beauty.