We Compared A Bunch Of Burgers Near Us To See Who’s Packin Schmeat & Whose Buns Are Basic

burgers sydney international burger day

To celebrate International Burger Day our mates at Deliveroo challenged us to try a bunch of burg joints near our office to judge who has the best bites on offer. Obviously, we accepted. Who’s gonna say no to a mountain of meat, lettuce and cheese?

As orders kept arriving at the desk of our poor, unsuspecting front office manager, the smell of sweet, sweet burgs began to fill the premises.

Naturally, we needed a bit of help in reviewing our local joints, so we assembled a burger team to chew through the bread awaiting us. Think of us as the Avengers of vertical tacos. This was our multiverse of madness.

Without further ado here is our non-biased review of our yummy local burgs, from meh to yeehaw:

1. Mary’s – The Vegan Cheese Burger

Unfortunately, this burg was quite tiny, despite the piccy looking pretty decent.

It was also pretty pricey, which always changes the taste of a burger for the worst.

The taste? Pretty dry and sad, unfortunately. We had such high hopes for the one vegan option in our epic burger onslaught.

The pluses? An incredible vegan cheese, which is pretty rare to find in a burger these days, a massive fries portion and it was super fkn quick.

Overall a semi-decent International Burger Day pick.

Please Mary’s, provide better Vegan burgs!!

2. BL Burgers – The MacDaddy Burger

Upon laying eyes on this burg, we truly thought we’d be put into cardiac arrest.

“What’s better than having a delicious cheeseburger? Having another one stacked on top of it,” said Ky, the chosen one to conquer the MacDaddy.

“The sauce was heavenly, the cheese was impeccable and the meat was cooked perfectly.”

Nothing but love for our hefty boy. Honestly, everything from this point on was just amazing.

We were so hungry that this is the best pic we took.

3. Ribs & Burgers – The Big Cheese & Bacon

Truly glorious and gargantuan. If you’re looking for a burger that’s as big as the piccy portrays, look no further than this bad boy.

The meat was incredible, the onions are perfection and the portion was ridiculous.

Definitely one of those burgers where every bite kinda tastes the same, but a good burg overall.

Gotta say, she knows how to pose for a picture.

4. Butter – The Cheezus

If you’re looking for a chicken burg there’s no better place than Butter tbh.

“Cheezus Christ indeed,” said Eloise, slayer of this monstrous beauty.

“Crispy chicken, nice crunch from the iceberg lettuce, light ‘n bouncy bun.

“Presentation and taste were 10/10. I get the Butter hype now.”

Oof, big call. But where do you go after a ten???

“But I don’t want to be a chicken burger,” – Aristotle, probably.

5. Mary’s – The Chicken Burger

Mary’s is back with a far better contender on the list, the chicken burger.

Gorgeous presentation, excellent fried chicken and a mesmerising sauce dolloped all over.

And of course, the portion of chips was defs something to write home about.

Oh and uhhh… no pic. We INHALED this burg as soon as it arrived.

6. Burgers Anonymous – The Truffle Berry Burger

Winner winner, burgers for dinner.

“Delish truffle sauce, crispy onion rings, generous patty, not too expensive at $15,” said Bella, who was truly the most blessed of us all.

“10/10 would smash that burger again.”

For the cost, presentation and taste this burger takes home the prize of best burg near us.

Happy International Burger Day indeed.

Damn, I should call him.

If you too wanna nom on some cheap-ass burgs, Deliveroo is doing a 50% off deal until June 3 to celebrate International Burger Day. Truly tempted to do a second burger ranking…