A burger joint has responded to backlash after charging $50 for rapid COVID tests on UberEats, blaming the app’s high fees for the price.

Unsurprisingly there was also backlash to their response to the backlash, so I guess that just goes to show how RAT-mad we’ve all gone.

In case you missed it — price gouging is rife for our precious little RATs, which are rare as hen’s teeth and vital to self-managing your COVID infection. Which we all seem to be contracting, but can’t seem to get a diagnosis for no matter how hard we try.

The tests were illegal until October and have been hard to find since. The Federal Government has resisted calls to make them free, and the State Government-supplied freebies are still weeks away, with little detail on how to get them.

And so the market has stepped in! By cleverly taking advantage of the golden rule of supply and demand and charging sick punters out the wazoo to access them.

Which brings us to this latest drama: The Big Grill in South Australia was seen charging $50 for two tests on a food delivery app, leading to outrage. What, you mean people don’t want to pay through the nose for RATs while buying an egg and bacon brekkie roll??

“There has been much confusion in regards to the pricing of our RATs,” the store posted on Facebook. “These are priced in accordance to the current market prices.

“We sell a two-pack of rapid antigen tests for $40 in store and we sell a two-pack of rapid antigen tests for $50 through our delivery partners; the price increase is due to their exorbitant fees.”

It’s no secret food delivery apps screw the restaurants and delivery staff. But to the tune of a 25 per cent mark up? Make it make sense bro.

So naturally the commenters had a go.

“Wtf you selling them for anyway?”, one said.

“You call that an apology/explanation? Pathetic. Regardless of how you try to manipulate it, you’re extorting people in a pandemic,” wrote another.

“Our local IGA has them for $55 for a pack of 5 you blood sucking vultures.

“SHAME ON YOU!!” yet another said. Oof.

The burger store apparently charges $40 dollars in store for the tests too, which is hardly better.

National treasures Harvey Norman and Kogan have been charging about $45 for a single test, which is pretty fucked too, imo. FWIW, Harvey Norman seems to have taken the tests off its site. Update: Kogan has since removed the listings too. 

Anyway the ACCC is investigating price gouging. Not saying that’s what’s happening here, but you can report any instances of it here.