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Someone at has created the ultimate sugar-hit and that’s a Hot Cross Bun Vanilla Slice and the internet is gagging over it. Just by looking at it, I know I will enter a multiple day food coma after consuming it, and I’m not even mad.

It’s a regular ol’ hot cross bun with a gooey custard centre, topped with a home-made icing and pistachios sprinkled on top. YUM.

All you need to make this Easter treat, is a pack of  buns and ingredients to make your own custard. Just layer custard over the hot cross bun base and then top it with the bun tops, pop it in the fridge for two hours and bob’s your uncle. You can find the recipe here.

It’s definitely an interesting way to revamp your classic yummy Easter bun and make it extra saliva-inducing. If you wanted to take the sweetness up a notch, opt for the choc-chip flavour instead of regular fruit ones.

I think the humble hot cross bun is having a moment, with Messina launching their own spin on the Easter classic. It’s a coil of hot crossy bun dough filled with choccy chips and vanilla custard. It’s also smothered in a cinnamon malt caramel.

The treat also comes with milk chocolate gelato with house-made chocolate folded through and a toasted, fluffy white chocolate mousse plopped on top.

Hmmm something about custard and hot cross buns is godly. I cannot wait to scoff down all nine of those yummy hot cross vanilla slices.