Messina Is Doing A Gooey Easter Hot Cross Bun Snail & I’ll Need The Long Weekend To Digest It

messina easter hot cross bun snail

Just as we’ve digested one indulgent holiday period, the next one is already upon us. Yep, the chocolatiest time of the year is fast approaching and the masters of decadence at Messina have created a truly wild Hot Cross Bun Snail that’ll absolutely send me to the tomb after scoffing it down.

A big ol’ coil of hot cross bun dough is smuggling choccy chips and a goopy vanilla custard that’ll likely turn into a molten mess when you pop it in the oven. On top of all that, the Hot Cross Bun Snail is smothered in a cinnamon malt caramel, just to really drive home that food coma.

messina easter hot cross bun snailI mean, come on. [Image: Messina]

The goopy, spicy snail is part of the dessert demons’ Easter Snack Pack, which also includes a limited Easter Hot Tub, which involves a decadent triple-chocolate gelato situation.

I’m talking milk chocolate gelato with house-made chocolate folded through and a toasted, fluffy white chocolate mousse plopped on top. The tub’s then all sealed off with an Ecuadorian dark chocolate crack, so you get that satisfying choccy crack like some bonkers Easter egg.

messina easter hot cross bun snailMmmm sacrilegious. [Image: Messina]

Messina’s Easter snack pack will set you back $65 for the lot, and goes up for pre-sale from 9am on Wednesday, March 17 over on the Messina website. Once you’re all locked in for a bonkers indulgent combo, you’ll be able to pick up your treaties from select Messina stores between Thursday April 1 and Sunday April 4.

Definitely make sure you leave space for sweeties, or better yet – team these sinful snackies with a salted caramel easter egg cocktail kit from Cocktail Porter.

That one literally involves Messina’s beloved dulce de leche mixed into a ridiculous cocktail, served in a choccy egg so you can live your Augustus Gloop truth.

Catch me hoofing these messy treats over the long weekend and then immediately entering a hoon tomb for three to five business days.