ALDI Is Doing Hot Cross Bun Gin For $20 A Pop If You Wanna See Jesus On The Long Weekend

aldi hot cross bun gin

For those of us wanting something a little bit harder from the Easter Rabbit this year, because sometimes chocolate doesn’t quite help work through whatever the fuck the last 12 months has been, you’ll be happy to know ALDI has got you covered this year. Ahead of the Easter long weekend this year, the chaotic middle aisle is sprouting bottles of boozy hot cross bun gin liqueur which will certainly put some whiskers on your chin (or cheeks, wherever bunnies get whiskers).

The new drop, which lands in your local from Wednesday, February 24, is a spicy little number that includes the kind of flavours you’d expect from a freshly-baked-and-buttered HCB – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg infused together with sweet fruity notes.

aldi hot cross bun gin

Knowing my family and the kinds of catchups we’ve had in the past, one of these bad boys would get cracked to have with breakfast (also hot cross buns) to really kick-start the long weekend. We’re not a religious family by any stretch, but we’re definitely ones to take our communion by necking back a zingy nip of liqueur or two.

aldi hot cross buns gin liqueur

Apparently, it’s suggested you mix this with some soda for a bit of fizz, or just have it neat or on ice. But let me put it to you: a shot of this hot cross bun gin in some milk (cow, plant, nut, whatever). Maybe on ice, maybe a little bit warmed up, and with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Kinda like eggnog but outside of those 30 noggy days over Christmas when we’re legally allowed to have it.

Or maybe you could chuck a shot of it in your coffee or something (I’m sure this would work, right?) creating some kind of boozy, HCB-flavoured nod to the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte, in case you’re yearning for the day they come back on sale again. Which I definitely am doing at the moment.

However you wanna do it, bending the elbow for this spicy boy is certainly an option to take up over the Easter long weekend, and considering you can nab yourself a bottle for a tidy $19.99 (so, a lobster) I can’t see many reasons why you wouldn’t pass it up.

As for me, I’m gonna crack the top of an easter egg open and knock back the hot cross bun gin liqueur from it like some kind of indulgent shot.