ALDI’s Hot Cross Bun-Flavoured Gin Is Hopping Back To Shelves And My Fancy Drinks Cabinet

hot cross bun gin aldi

Attention connoisseurs of a good mouth time, ALDI is bringing back its hot cross bun-flavoured gin liqueur. Sorry to the one (1) guy who hates those spiced buns.

That’s right Easter-loving friends. The alcoholic take on the classic snack is hopping into stores and into your bellies. Excuse me for slapping my little tum-tum like a well-fed tanuki right now.

Manchester Drinks Co’s hot cross bun-flavoured sipper is stuffed with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Also known as all the good flavours in the spice kingdom. You heard me.

The spicy neck oil will be bouncing its way into ALDI shelves near you on Wednesday, March 30th for $19.99. Or a little bit more if you grab a pack of buns to pair with it.

aldi hot cross bun gin

“After becoming an instant favourite with our customers when it was introduced last year, we’re very excited to be bringing back our limited-edition Manchester Drinks Co’s Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur for Easter again in 2022,” said ALDI’s Spirits and Beer Buying Director Paul Handley.

“Infused with all the delicious flavours of a hot cross bun, this rich and fruity gin liqueur is a great twist on a classic festive favourite and the perfect way to spice up your Easter festivities!

“Enjoy it on the rocks, over ice or with a dash of soda. Like hot cross buns though, it’s not sticking around forever so eager customers should pick up their bottle soon.”

Say that to the hot cross buns I spotted at 12:01am on January 1st.

Woolies is selling God-tier Caramilk chip-flavoured HCBs if you’re itching for something non-alcoholic. Coles is also selling *checks notes* jalapeno and cheese flavoured ones. It really makes you wonder what exactly constitutes a hot cross bun.

Dairy Milk Clinkers Bunnies dropped in-stores last month if you’re over the HCB crave. We’re hopping all the way to the nearest shop for a choccy egg and clinkers hunt.