Wrap Your Cakehole Around This Mega Hot Cross Bun Sticky Snail From Messina’s Easter Treats

The most chocolatiest time of the year is coming up fast which can only mean one thing: bulk sweets. And we all know who to turn to when we want a little treat? Gelato Messina. This Easter it’s gone to biblical levels and reinvented the hot cross bun into something that’ll get you sent straight to hell, and it looks fucking delicious.

Messina has dished up a couple of mega Easter treaties this year. Whether you like things oven-baked hot or want to punch an egg right in its dumb face, you’re pretty sorted.

There’s a smashable easter egg filled with lots of little yummies like wee chocolate chickens, fried eggs, waffle cone mini eggs and hot cross bun bites. It looks like a big edible egg-shaped piñata and I’m extremely here for the one-two punch of endorphins by deliberately breaking something and then scoffing down a bunch of chocolate.

messina easter egg
The chicken AND the egg. [Image: Supplied]
But the thing I’m really drooling myself stupid over is the seasonal run at Messina’s beloved sticky snail.

This year the treatie sweeties have transformed the humble hot cross bun into a larger-than-life autumnal warmer.

The Hot Cross Bun Stick Snail features a deliciously spiced sticky dough absolutely riddled with chocolate chips. It’s rolled into a big snail-shell circle with heapings of vanilla custard and drizzled with a very healthy pour of cinnamon malt caramel. It also comes with a tub of Triple Choc gelato, which is a surefire way to dance with the Devil on the Easter long weekend.

Honestly, I would do blasphemous things to have this thing in my oven on a dreary Sunday morning.

messina hot cross bun snail easter
GIVE. IT. ME. [Image: Supplied]
These delicious Easter snackies will be up for pre-order on the Messina website on Monday, April 4 and they’ll set you back $65 each. Each state is going live at different stages of the morning — and NSW is split into three groups — so peep the website for more info and set yourself a reminder to order up.