Glam Your Cakes With These New Tinnies Of Golden Gaytime Unicorn Crumbs

The folks over at Streets Ice Cream have unveiled their latest sweet treat – Golden Gaytime Unicorn Crumbs. You can pick ’em up for $6 in Coles stores across the country now while stocks last, for those of you who want spruce up your desserts with pink crumbs, or just shove ’em in your mouth hole by the handful.

If you want a visual of this just imagine the crumby outer shell of last year’s limited edition Gaytime Unicorn, but in a tin. Simple really.

Anyway, because it’s in a tin, that means you can do whatever the hell you wanna do with it. You could sprinkle it on your cereal in the morning. You could try to use it in lieu of Milo. You could use it as a sweet pancake or ice cream topping. The most obvious option is just to use it to decorate (cup)cakes, chocolate mousse, whatever, but hey, you could add a pink crunch to your stir-fry instead of cashews, no judgment (I am judging). You could use it for the rim of a strawberry mojito. You do you.

Their original Golden Gaytime Crumbs tins are also returning to supermarket shelves, in case you are a boring person with no sense of adventure, or a teenage boy who doesn’t like eating things that are artificially coloured pink. Your loss, kid.

Here’s some inspo care of the people who made the most of the the crumbs last time they were available:


Gallop to it then, ice cream fiends. Go get creative. Or just pour the crunchy stuff directly into your gullet. Either way is equally valid.