Golden Gaytime Launches Pop-Up W/ Dope New Flavours & Takeaway Crumbs

Oh HELL YEAH. Golden Gaytime, ice-cream of our hearts, is about to start selling its crumbs by the tub.

Over at the Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed – a very real thing opening in Topshop‘s main Sydney and Melbourne stores next week – you’ll be able to buy the iconic Gaytime Crumb in a tin to do with it what you will. (Sprinkle it over cereal, eat it by the spoonful, lick it off your lover for bulk sticky deliciousness, etc.)

Streets is also launching six new, ridiculous-sounding flavours, all of which are available for a limited time for $6 from the crumb sheds. They are:

Unicorn Breath
Vanilla crumb, musk sticks, strawberry hard candy, popping candy, edible glitter. 
Crumb Choc Millionaire
Chocolate crumb, smashed potato chips, desiccated coconut, 100s & 1000s, edible glitter.
Chocolate crumb, lolly bananas, 100s & 1000s. 
Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime
Vanilla crumb, pretzel bits, salted caramel drizzle. 
The OG-G 
With even more vanilla crumb (“the original and the best handcrafted to perfection”). 
Also, remember the guy who wrote to Streets asking them to release Golden Gaytimes in a tub, and then they actually did it? (‘All a coincidence’, obviously.) Well, his name is Jesse James McElroy, and he’s now earned himself the title of Gaytime Crumbassador, a position he says he’s “ecstatic” to hold. 

“One of life’s greatest gifts is the Gaytime crumb and I’ve always been an avid believer in the old saying ‘everything tastes better crumbed’ [righto], so this pop-up really is a dream come true for Gaytimers.”


He also created the salted caramel drizzle for the Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime. Oh yeah, McElroy’s other title is ‘Golden Chief’, which quite frankly sounds like Gaytimes are in danger of becoming a crumb-bumbling oligarchy.
The Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed opens at Topshop’s Gowings store in Sydney on Wednesday 18th January and at Topshop’s Emporium store in Melbourne on Friday 20th January for a limited time. Get amongst it.
Opening Hours (Sydney) 
Mon–Wed & Fri: 10am–7pm 
Thu: 10am–9pm 
Sat: 10am–7pm 
Sun: 10am–6pm 
Opening Hours (Melbourne) 
Mon–Wed: 10am–7pm 
Thu & Fri: 10am–9pm 
Sat & Sun: 10am–7pm 
Photo: Supplied.