You Can Now Bake A Shit-Tonne Of Golden Gaytime Treaties & My Stomach Has Entered The Chat

Dessert-making aficionados, lockdown-baking hobbyists and general sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) rejoice: there is now a Golden Gaytime cake mix (!!!!) so you can bake the most low-effort, high-indulgence dessert of your life all on your own, fool-proof and easy as pie cake.

Green’s Baking has launched a collab with arguably one of the best ice cream flavours ever, Golden Gaytime, to bring you four brand new mixes of different types of dessert – so there’s something for even the pickiest dessert-eaters.

The different genres of boxed cakey-goodness are: crumb cake, brownie, brookie (an unholy yet irresistible combination of a cookie and a brownie) and mousse, and yes these are all flavoured with the signature vanilla-toffee combo, complete with the iconic biscuit crumbs.

“We know that Australians love to bake and treat themselves with iconic nostalgic flavours, so we thought why not combine the two and create the ultimate Green’s Golden Gaytime cake range – proving you actually can have your cake and eat it too,” A spokesperson from Green’s said.

“Combining Green’s signature array of easy to make recipes, with an iconic Australian ice cream in Streets Golden Gaytime, this is an incredibly fun, exciting and delicious collaboration that is sure to appeal to all sweet tooths.”

The four new Golden Gaytime dessert mixes.

Annie Lucchitti, the marketing manager for Unilever, which owns Streets, said it’s a great way to bring that childhood nostalgia home, and I have to agree.

“Golden Gaytime is a much loved Aussie product in consumers lives, from the flavour to the texture and memories associated,” she said.

“This partnership is the perfect way to ensure Aussies can bring that love into their baking moments.”

The Green’s Golden Gaytime cake mixes are only $6 each and will hit shelves in Coles and Woolies from September 13 – for me, that’s just in time for my state-sanctioned lockdown picnics.