Cadbury Has Unleashed Big Slabs Of Caramilk For Those Wanting To Go Full Bruce Bogtrotter

big caramilk blocks australia

It appears that Cadbury has listened to the impassioned cries of Caramilk stans across the country, because a big dog block has entered the choccy family. If the standard 180g blocks simply weren’t enough to satiate your deep desire for the caramelised white choccy, these new hefty blocks are definitely for you.

First there was the return of the cult-fave flav in family-sized blocks, then there was the Philly cream cheese for baking and other kitchen experiments. We’ve gotten around the marriage of Caramilk with the humble Twirl, and the god-tier collab with Marble. There’s been Caramilk bites and baking chips, easter eggs and hokey pokey, and that one time Cadbury dropped a fuck-off huge box of the bastards.

Now there’s a big boy block. The grand poobah of the Caramilk family tree.

Just look at the size of these large lads. Absolute units.

The massive blocks, which clock in at 315g each, have quietly slipped into the chocolate aisle at Woolies, much to the delight of everyone who simply can’t get enough of that sweetie stuff.

Now that people have started to notice the sly inclusion to the range, I can assure you these choccy blocks are gonna sell like mad. You know what the Caramilk fever is like. Please don’t forget the great choccy demand of 2019, which saw one absolute spanner kick the chocolatey hornet’s nest by burning a whole stack of Caramilk blocks.

A big-ass block will set you back $6 pop, which is a pretty decent price for a literal slab of Caramilk chocolate. Like, that’s enough choccy to get you through at least one (1) Lord Of The Rings film.

Can’t wait to get my laughing gear around one of these and just go at it full chaos-mode and take a bite out of the corner, little squares be damned.