If you’re as bloody psyched as me about the blessed Caramilk choccy coming back into our lives, then you’re going to be equally as chuffed to know that Cadbury are slinging over 2000 blocks of the Good Choc in Sydney and Melbourne tomorrow morning.

Yep, that sacred block of caramel choccy that mums on Facebook will eventually probably fight over and/or sell on eBay for oodles of money could be in your hot little grubby hands for nothin’ on Wednesday morning.

The little elves from Cadbury will be postered up at Sydney’s Central and Town Hall stations from 7am, and Melbourne Central from 7am and Flinders in Melb from 11am, piffing out free blocks of the sweet, sweet candy for anyone who wants to be the most popular person in the office that day.

The news comes amid a much-hyped return for the golden blocks, which have become a cult item for the supermarket lolly aisle cognoscenti.

No word on when they will finally bite the bullet and make a licorice-tinged block for the real connoisseurs, but we’ll still be elbowing folks out of the way to nab some Caramilk tomorrow.