Gelato Messina Is Doing A Limited Edition Bday Cake Cookie Pie So Happy Birthday To My Tum

messina cookie pie birthday cake

It’s almost hard to believe it, but Messina’s borderline-illegal cookie pie is about to turn the big one. A whole year of crumbly, yummy, giant sweetie snacks has passed, even though the last 12 months have felt like about four years. So to celebrate the big cookie’s first lap around the sun, the dessert lords are doing a special birthday cake cookie pie.

Most importantly, yes – it has sprinkles.

Even more importantly, the photos of the incoming big-ass cookie look insanely delicious. My mouth’s watering over here, I want to do a number on my guts with one already.

messina birthday cake cookie pie
Oh hell yeah.
messina birthday cake cookie pie

Much like a very healthy party bag, these cookie pies are stuffed to the brim with sweeties (a whole heap of choccy chips) and then topped off with a vanilla custard layer and birthday cake crumble and then scattered with as many sprinkles as is legally allowable.

I’m absolutely going to gorge myself on one of these like a five-year-old who’s found themselves at an unattended snack table.

Mark your calendars, set an alarm, or do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re up and about in time to hum Happy Birthday to yourself, because these are going on sale from 9am on Monday, April 12.

A birthday cake cookie pie will set you back a very yum $25 for the pie alone, but you can also tack on tubs of gelato if you need (you prob will, let’s not kid ourselves here. Check it all out at the Messina website, and sign yourself up to get in right on sale time.

Over the last 12 months that we’ve been blessed with huge cookies from Messina, we’ve had such a great range of flavours to drool over, many of which got us through some hard times in the pandemic and its assorted lockdowns. Now it’s just about one – a delicious milestone – let us fondly look back on past pies of pure perfection.

There was the OG Cookie Pie, with all its gooey choc chips.

messina cookie pie

And there was the red velvet cookie, surely illegal in some states and territories.

messina red velvet cookie pie

Let us never forget the Fairy Bread version, which lowkey should have had shitty-ass white bread in it somehow.

messina fairy bread cookie pie

Or the Dulce Choc Chip cookie pie, which I think sold out faster than they could even cook them. I mean, look at it. Unholy.

messina dulce choc chip cookie pie

Happy birthday to the delicious Messina Cookie Pie, may you have many happy returns to my stomach.