Messina’s New Honey Joy Cookie Pie Is On The Way & Pam From The P&C Has Finally Met Her Match

messina honey joy cookie pie limited edition

Lords of the sweeties Gelato Messina has dreamed up another bullshit-yummy cookie pie for us to drool over. This time they’ve dug into our core memories of birthday parties and school fêtes to craft a truly scrummy bake-at-home honey joy cookie pie.

The limited edition giant deep dish cookie has everything you’d expect from an elevated tuck shop treat. The base is made up of an OG choc chip cookie pie and it’s topped with creamy vanilla custard and a mess of golden brown, crunchy toffee honey joys. Just like mama used to make.

I mean just look at this cross-section and tell me you’re not begging mum for 20c for the P&C bake sale.

messina honey joy limited edition
OH BABY. [Image: Supplied]
The limited edition honey joy cookie pies are on sale on the Messina website from August 1st. Each store across the country has its own on-sale time so clock the Messina website for all the details on how you can lock in your own grown-up version of this kids’ birthday party icon.

Messina’s honey joy cookie pies will set you back $28 for the pie alone or you can chuck on a tub of gelato (yes please) for an extra bit of coin.

Each pie serves 4-6 people — or one extremely hungry big kid who’s worked up an incredible appetite from hooning on the monkey bars all morning.

There’s no doubt in my mind that a honey joy is the ultimate way to hoof down a handful of Cornflakes. And now Messina has taken it to an insanely indulgent level. Hell, they’re primarily made up of cereal so you could technically have this for breakfast and nobody could tell you no.

Go call your bestie and sort yourselves out with an adult trip back to your primary school fête next weekend, as a treat. A really big, crunchy treat.