Messina Is Doing A Gooey Choc-Hazelnut Twist On Its OG Cookie Pie And Lord, Have Mercy

Just to make the start of winter that extra cosy and indulgent, Gelato Messina has taken its classic choccy chip cookie pie and turbocharged the thing by packing it full of chocolatey, hazlenutty goodness. Oh mama this thing looks wild.

Coined the ‘Messinatella’ – I bloody wonder why lol – this new spin on a classic fave takes the sweet treat from a pretty bog-standard good cookie pie to a god damn decadent snack of mouth-watering proportions. These bad boys are up for ordering from Monday, and I’d hazard a guess they’re going to move pretty quickly so get your shit together and Lock. One. Down.

Like, fuck. Just LOOK at this thing and tell me you’re not salivating.

messina messinatella cookie pie
Good GOD.

The Messinatella Pie is absolutely dripping in the dessert legends’ handmade choc-hazelnut Messinatella spread, which definitely sounds and looks like a super-luxe and rich version of ~other~ alternatives.

Ordering opens up from Monday, June 8 with pickup happening at any of the Messina stores (except The Star and Coolangatta) between June 11 and 14.  You can sign up for that precious link over on the website. I mean, it’s my birthday on June 11. Just saying. Just gonna leave that comment there for you to mull over.

Much like the cookie pies before it, the Messinatella cookie pie is a bake-at-home situation, so once you’ve taken it home, all you have to do is bung it in the oven for 10-15 mins and then have at it with spoon and your fave gelato flav.

messina cookie pie messinatella
Actual footage of me next week.

You can cop the pie on its own for a crisp $20, or start adding on tubs of gelato from $28. Don’t forget, Messina is also revisiting its Top 40 fave flavours from tomorrow (June 5) until June 11, so you could totally do a super lush combo here and pick up a couple of tubs of a rare fave gelato to go with your piping hot cookie pie.

It’s an idea, thought I’d just plant that seed there for you.