Messina Is Flipping The Bird To Winter & Bringing Back Its Top 40 Greatest Hits Flavs Again

Cold weather be damned, because Gelato Messina is revisiting 40 of its absolute best flavours once again, in the second annual Greatest Hits freezer takeover.

After bringing the creme de la creme to its stores last July, the dessert legends have announced round two, with preorders kicking off on Thursday, May 21. And before you even ask; yes, Super Duper Dulce de Leche is in the mix.

So what’s on the full menu? Glad you asked.

There’s everything from the crowd-fave Fairy Bread through to the more tastebud-challenging Musk (musk stick gelato) and Mr. Potato Head (peanut butter gelato with white choc-covered potato chips). Hell, if you wanna go super-indulgent maybe cop yourself a 500ml pint tub with The Hat Trick (dulce de leche gelato, swirl, and cheesecake all smushed together) or the Oreogasm (peanut better gelato with Oreo custard and smashed-up Oreo bickies.)

This year’s Greatest Hits flavours also include a couple of faves from the Messina hivemind, including a tub-version of their cult-fave Mango Pancake, and the Messina’s Momofukup from the ode the gelato lords did to NYC’s Momofuku Milk Bar back in 2015.

Check out all the flavours to choose from below, which will be packed up in individual pint-sized tubs for maximum yums and no flavour bleeding, which is always a dangerous game to play with contrasting flavours, or to keep yr vegan mates stoked.

Even better, the 40 Messina Greatest Hits flavours will be available to order from more stores this year. After only being available instore in NSW’s Rosebury and VIC’s Fitzroy in 2019, the retrospective takeover will now also be available to order from more stores this year.

This year, you can preorder as many tubs as you like to be picked up from Rosebery, Tramsheds, Bondi, Darlinghurst in Sydney, Fitzroy in Melbourne, Braddon in the ACT and South Brisbane in QLD from June 5 to 11.

Preorders start on Thursday, May 21 from 1pm over on the Gelato Messina website, so choose your fave Greatest Hits and get your quick-clicking online shopping fingers ready.

Oh and FYI you can fully order like 20 tubs for $260 this year, just pop in the promo code ‘BALLER’ at checkout for that indulgent and ridiculous deal to spend your saved-up pub money on.