For some reason everyone overseas thinks Australians love Foster’s beer. I don’t know where it all started, but I partly blame The Simpsons. Well, Foster’s have finally decided to market to actual Aussies and you know what? It’s about fucking time.

So how will they achieve this almost impossible feat? Through the launch of a new 30-can Foster’s Classic slab AND they will also go balls-to-the-wall with local production (boosting it by 300%), according to The Advertiser.

Foster’s (owned by Carlton & United Breweries) will be price-competitive with rivals like XXXX Gold ($49 for 30 cans), West End Draught ($52) and even CUB’s Victoria Bitter ($55). The new slab will retail for $53 dollarydoos.

If like me, your entire education has come from The Simpsons, it would be easy to assume that it’s our drink of choice. That’s because in the ‘Bart Vs Australia’ episode not only does our PM drink it, it’s the same episode where Homer orders a big fuck-off can of the damn thing.

I wonder why Foster’s haven’t tried marketing one of those in Australia? We’d definitely get around it.

But before the Australia episode of The Simpsons, Paul Hogan was doing the hard-yards to get people overseas to crack open the Aussie beer.

In the 1980s, Hogan was the face of Foster’s beer on the international stage. As literally the only recognisable Aussie at the time (despite there being millions of us) it was assumed that if Hogan drank the magic juice, then we all did.

Image: Universal Pictures/Getty Images

But Foster’s advertising campaigns actually worked, and they’ve become a pretty well-known brand overseas.

Fun fact: Foster’s is one of the biggest selling beer brands in the UK, so it’s strange that it was never pushed into the Australian market. I mean the slogan on the can literally says “Australia’s famous beer”??

CUB’s Head of Classic brands Hayden Turner wants to bring back the nostalgia once created by the brand.

“Foster’s is an iconic brand Australians know and trust so it is really no surprise drinkers have told us they want more. We’re confident Foster’s can continue to grow again and develop a strong following like Melbourne Bitter and Reschs have done recently,’’ Turner told The Advertiser.