Rolla’s pub rock fashion collab went gangbusters last year – understandable considering we all love a cold one, and we all love to shout our love for cold ones from the rooftops.

The collection features Victoria Bitter, Melbourne Bitter and Foster’s Lager logos on tees, caps and jumpers – choose your fave or just accept that Foster’s sucks but the logo is 90s chic.

Here’s the Victoria Bitter sweater, which I am absolutely 1000000% buying as soon as I finish writing this article.

Rolla’s VB Sweat, $99.95

Not in the mood for a new sweater? Rep your favourite bevington on your noggin with one of the excellent corduroy caps.

Melb Bitter Hat, $69.95

And like I said, Foster’s might taste like actual piss these days but you cannot deny the nostalgia factor of that iconic logo on a tee.

Fosters Flock Tee, $59.95

One thing you absolutely must do while repping these threads is barge into all pubs you pass and bellow “MATTER O FACT, I’VE GOT IT NOW”, ok? It’s just mandatory at this point.

The Rolla’s Pub Rock collection is available online now, here.