Rolla’s Have Brought Back Their Iconic Beer Collab For All You Froth Whitlams

Rolla’s pub rock fashion collab went gangbusters last year – understandable considering we all love a cold one, and we all love to shout our love for cold ones from the rooftops.

[jwplayer sVILPwzU]

The collection features Victoria Bitter, Melbourne Bitter and Foster’s Lager logos on tees, caps and jumpers – choose your fave or just accept that Foster’s sucks but the logo is 90s chic.

Here’s the Victoria Bitter sweater, which I am absolutely 1000000% buying as soon as I finish writing this article.

Rolla’s VB Sweat, $99.95

Not in the mood for a new sweater? Rep your favourite bevington on your noggin with one of the excellent corduroy caps.

Melb Bitter Hat, $69.95

And like I said, Foster’s might taste like actual piss these days but you cannot deny the nostalgia factor of that iconic logo on a tee.

Fosters Flock Tee, $59.95

One thing you absolutely must do while repping these threads is barge into all pubs you pass and bellow “MATTER O FACT, I’VE GOT IT NOW”, ok? It’s just mandatory at this point.

The Rolla’s Pub Rock collection is available online now, here.