Melbourne Bitter Dropped A Merch Line With Mr Simple If Yr Keen To Rep Bevs On Yr Bucket Hat

Do you really drink beer, unless you own beer merch? No, the answer is no.

If you don’t have any beer merch yet, it’s ok, because Melbourne Bitter and Mr Simple are teaming up for their second limited-edition collection.

The collection features a series of cracking designs in collaboration with Melb based artists, Jack & Josh. One of those designs is a subtle nod to Dan Andrews and the Victorian lockdown, it reads: “Now Can I Crack A Melbourne?”

There’s also the always classic option of the bitter-can, that has been printed on a limited-range of organic shorts, long sleeve tees, caps and a bucket hat (my personal favourite).

If you’ve been trying to to shake the label of being the ‘cider guy’ or ‘cruiser gal’ for yonks, then this is a pretty fool-proof way of getting rid of that label. It may have just been one night you opted for the fruity drink, but since then you’ve been shamed relentlessly for it by your mates.

But a few nights around town wearing this merch, people will start to notice. They’ll think: “How can someone who wears Melb Bitter merch drink cider?” You’ll shed the label instantly.

The collab is also the perfect celebration of everything us Melburnians have had to endure over the last few months with a harsh lockdown. We truly deserve to crack open a Melbourne.

“While it’s been a tough year for the Australian fashion industry, we’re cracking onwards at Mr Simple towards a big 2021. To celebrate the end of 2020, we’ve partnered with Melbourne Bitter with this tongue-in-cheek range of threads just in time for summer,” said Mr Simple founder Dave Fraser.

“We like our Melbourne Bitter like we do our city: open! There was no better way for us to celebrate our city coming out of lockdown and into summer than to partner with our mates at Mr Simple on another great collaboration, which we know will appeal to fans of Melbourne Bitter and Mr Simple alike,” said Melbourne Bitter Marketing Manager Stephen McWilliams.

Here’s some of that absolutely saucy merch for ya.

Melbourne Bitter Heavy Weight Original Chapman Tee, $69.95
Melbourne Bitter Heavy Weight Original Tee, $59.95
Melbourne Bitter Bucket Hat, $49.95
Melbourne Bitter Heavy Weight Pub Tee, $59.95

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