ATTN: Fishbowl Is Doing $5 Mr X Bowls For The Rest Of The Week, But There’s A Few Catches


Fishbowl has a hot new deal for the fine folks of Sydney and Melbourne, and given how the former city’s lockdown is panning out, the news has come not a moment too soon.

For this week only, Fishbowl is slinging $5 Mr X bowls on Deliveroo across Sydney and Melbourne.

The ominously-named Mr X bowl usually comes in at $10, so this is literally a half-price deal. It comes with cabbage, carrot, roast sesame dressing, both fresh and crispy shallots, and wasabi peas.

For the protein, it can be ordered with your choice of salmon sashimi, chicken or tofu, plus as all the usual Fishbowl extras like avo.

But, like everything, there’s a catch or two.

Firstly, Deliveroo has a variable delivery fee to take into account, depending on your location.

But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Fishbowl’s minimum order spend is $10. So if you only want to cop a single $5 Mr X bowl, you’ll be slapped with an additional $4 surcharge, a.k.a. a “small order fee”.

That being said, if you plan on ordering multiple bowls, then this deal is still pretty hectic.

Just make sure you live within a few kilometers of your nearest Fishbowl restaurant. If you live anywhere in Inner Sydney or Melbourne, you’re laughing, but there are also a few farther-flung joints in other suburbs, too.

Fishbowl is pretty great as it is. Copping half-price bowls delivered straight to your locked-down doorstep (or your regular doorstep if you’re in Melbourne) is even better.

Get in while there’s still a few days left.