Fishbowl Is Slinging $5 O.G Bowls This Week And Thank God Because Pay Day Is Very Far Away

When I realised that the cost of living was rising significantly faster than my wage, there were a few things that immediately got cut. I said goodbye to the perfect salon manicure, embraced my naturally bushy Italian brows, bid farewell to my daily coffee from the little cafe across from the office and, of course, said a big CYA to buying my lunch every day. But this week, thanks to a cheeky lil’ discount from Fishbowl, I’ll be breaking just one of my self-imposed rules.

This week, Fishbowl is serving up discounted O.G bowls for $5 a pop in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland stores. This is a juicy $10.90 saving if you get a regular-size bowl. If you fancy a large, you upgrade for just $3 extra. Sign me the fuck UP!

Discounts make things taste better!!! (Image: Fishbowl)

The only catch is, that to qualify for the big discount, you need to order your bowl through DoorDash. With the grizzly weather in Sydney right now, the delivery just feels like a bonus.

According to Fishbowl co-founder Nic Pestalozzi, the delicious discount is all thanks to a new store opening on Sydney’s Phillip Street.

“We wanted to thank customers for all the support and mark the milestones with the bowl that started it all, The O.G,” he said.

Thankfully, in my humble opinion, the O.G is one of the best bowls on the menu because it has sashimi salmon (or you can swap it out for chicken or tofu if that’s more your style), edamame, beetroot strips, onion, tobiko, crispy shallots, sesame dressing and — the best bit — seaweed salad!!!!

The O.G!!! (Image: Fishbowl)

As you might see if you take a stroll down any CBD with a Fishbowl, the poké bowl chain is a favourite for the corporate folk and really anyone with tastebuds. More often than not, the line is fkn huge so the real experts order their bowl online and rock up to collect the goods. Just so you know.

The $5 O.G bowls are valid until the 25th of Feb, but that’s not the only initiative Fishbowl is offering.

The Japanese-inspired chain are literally giving you $5 off your meal on Mondays and Tuesdays if you do a 5km run and record it on the running app Strava. You can then connect it to the Fishbowl app and get the discount.

“We’re essentially paying customers to move and feel better about themselves,” he said.

Again, sign me the fuck UP!

This zoom-zoom offer is available until the 24th of March. Catch you all at run club!!!!