To recognise and appreciate all the bloody hard work that workers are doing to keep the country ticking over and all of us safe and fed during the Coronavirus pandemic, Fishbowl want to start gifting free feeds to those absolute legends on the frontline

The Feed The Front Line initiative kicked off on Thursday evening, where Fishbowl fans can snap a photo of themselves with their delivered meal, and then post it on Instagram tagging both Fishbowl and the #feedthefrontline hashtag. If you get the attention of the ‘bowl team with your fancy content skills, they’ll take the bait and slide into your DMs to organise a food drop off to your front-liner mate of choice.

It’s a bit like fishing, really. Make a nice and attractive lure out of a selfie where you’re precariously balancing a poke bowl on your head or something, wave it around in front of the catch, let it get their attention, and then hook ’em in and bam, you’re feeding yourself and a friend for dinner.

And if you think about it, we all know a frontline worker legend, surely. Those in the essential services like supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, bottle shops, hospitals and medial centres. People like garbos, tradies, posties, delivery drivers, ride-share drivers, hell even get the name of your food delivery person and nominate them for a feed if they’re into it.

Feeding the frontline is something pretty small you can do but it’ll help people feel appreciated and needed in this Extremely Weird Time. Plenty of other initiatives like BuyThemACoffee and Doctors Without Babysitters have started up in the era of social distancing and self-isolation, to get us helping each other out during the pandemic. So if you can’t feed the frontline, there’s definitely plenty of ways you can be a helping hand from afar.

Image: Instagram / @fishbowl_sashimi