Fishbowl Is Giving Away A Whole Year’s Worth Of Feeds & That’s Got Us Hook, Line & Sinker

fishbowl giveaway

Is there anything greater in life than a free feed? I’ll put it to you that no, there is not. Especially if it’s the kind of feed that’s a bit special. You know, the one you save for Friday Treat Lunch after a week of eating all your meal prep. That little-bit-fancy lunch for me is Fishbowl and wouldn’t you know it — we’ve got a year’s worth of it to give away.

It’s been a hot minute but we’ve got a belter of a prize up for grabs — over $1000 worth of feeds from Fishbowl.

Good Lord, I’m drooling already. Imagine that — a whole year of copping free grub from the delicious bowl slingers. A whole 12 months of yummy tummy fillers. 52 weeks of crunchy munchy lunchies. A mammoth 365 days of free grub made fresh and topped high with all the trimmings.

The Milkybars would absolutely be on you, except the Milkybars are actually bowls of rice, noodles, fish, veggies and anything else you want to cram in there.

So how do you chuck your hat in the ring for this truly delectable giveaway? It’s shit easy, my friends.

All you gotta do is answer a v. simple question below by 11.59PM on Thursday, May 26 and then cross your fingers and toes you’re the lucky duck who wins big. The winner will be drawn on Friday, May 27 and given the good news on Monday, May 30.

The winner will cop a year’s worth of Fishbowl through the FISHBOWL COLLECT online ordering system. That means you have the sheer luxury of being able to order from home and then simply toddle down to your local bowlery (?) to pick up your free grub.

If there’s a better way to get into the cooler winter months than getting fed bulk yummies for nothing, I’m yet to hear about it.

Garn then, get your entry in below and good luck — maybe you’ll catch a winner. Hook, line and sinker.