My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge has made an emotional offer for people struggling in this period of coronavirus social distancing: free takeaway meals from his Sydney restaurants, with no fuss.

The chef, who is part-owner of Sydney’s Banksia at the Banksia Hotel and 4 Fourteen, offered reheatable takeaway meals to people in the local community.

“What we realised was that a lot of people who’ve been coming in soon won’t be able to afford takeaway or meals,” he said in a video uploaded to Instagram.

“Our locals are looking after us, so what we’d like to do is if you can’t feed your family and you live in the local area of Banksia, DM me on here and we’ll sort you out with food.”

The gesture is completely free of charge, but isn’t without a catch.

“You just remember that when we come good again and you come good, we’ll sort each other out,” Fassnidge said, suggesting not that people pay retroactively but rather that they remain loyal customers.

Many people have been doing it tough as the coronavirus has forced people off work. Hospitality workers, in particular, cannot always afford to self-isolate at home.

Fassnidge’s gesture speaks to the amount of community support restaurants need to stay open, as well as the fact that people are finding it harder to pay for food. Takwaway has been one lifeline in keeping these businesses open during the coronavirus pandemic.

While restaurants and pubs have not officially been closed, the government’s ban on indoor gatherings greater than 100 people have forced many to shut down anyway.

But at least that won’t prevent people from enjoying a succulent takeaway meal in the privacy of their own home.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold