Celeb chef Colin Fassnidge has defended his My Kitchen Rules colleague Pete Evans following his alleged firing.

Fassnidge spoke to The Briefing podcast on PodcastOne Australia this morning and was asked to comment on his now-ex colleague’s comments.

“Pete’s a mate of mine,” Fassnidge said. “We agree on some stuff and we don’t agree on other things. But, you know, it’s a free country and Pete’s allowed to say what he wants as long as he doesn’t harm anyone.”

He added: “Pete’s a mate of mine. You stand by your mates, that’s all I say.”


Evans came under fire on social media earlier this week when he appeared to paint the coronavirus crisis as a conspiracy.

Channel 7 recently confirmed they’d parted ways with Evans after 10 years. The network insisted it was an amicable split and insiders claimed it was a cost-cutting measure as they didn’t want to renew Evans’ mammoth $800,000 contract.

It’s also been rumoured that Evans was fired as a resulted of MKR’s latest season copping shit ratings.