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It feels like just yesterday we were drooling over the latest hybrid pastry – well it was the cramington about a month ago – and yet our guts have been blessed once again with a mashed-together treat that sounds like it came from the kitchens of heaven. May I present to you, the croissant baklava.

Croissalava? Baklavant? What the hell do I even call this mouth-watering snack?

Unsurprisingly, this crunchy, flaky, nutty-sweet marriage of two god-tier pastries has been gifted unto the world by Banksia Bakehouse, the same lot who dreamed up the cramington in March and a Hot Croiss Bun (!!!) for Easter.

After getting my eyes on their other creations, it’s entirely unsurprising that this new limited edition hybrid snack has come out of those Sydney kitchens.

The croisslava (???) is honestly the best of both worlds, considering both croissants and baklava are wonderfully flaky, yummy, messy bites. The buttery, fluffy pastry of a croissant is smooshed with almonds, walnuts and pistachios, and all stuck together with honey, lemon and clove syrup and a pistachio frangipane.

The only bad thing about this delicious creation from the labs kitchens of Banksia is that it’s only a limited time deal. The croissant-baklava-yum-things will only be available at the Sydney CBD bakery until April 30, possibly never to return. Who knows, maybe they’ll be too irresistible and come back into rotation on the sweets menu again in the future.

If the croissant hybrid beat is gonna be the Sydney bakery’s thing, then catch me keeping a close eye on what they dream up next, cos I bet it’ll be delish.

Maybe a croissant vanilla slice? Or a beesting croissant? There’s a couple of ideas you can have for free, Banksia Bakehouse brains, just send me a couple of freebies when you eventually bake them.

Image: Instagram / @banksiasydney