Christmas. A sacred institution that you must *never* fuck with, particularly with delicious baked treats. A bakery chain in England has been forced to “apologise” after they replaced the Baby Jesus in a Nativity Scene with a humble sausage roll, just as God intended.

Greggs, a large UK bakery organisation, is promoting the run-up to Christmas with an advent calendar, where each window being a tear-off coupon that hungry customers can then exchange for a treat off the menu each day.

Solid deal. Tasty baked treats for Santa. A few piping hot Yuletide brews, etc.

Only problem there is that, in promotional images for the calendar, Greggs put a sausage roll in the magic infant’s manger, which has subsequently ruffled a few feathers.

Seriously, the feathers. They were ruffled.

Anyone who claims to find no religion in a baked good has never eaten an almond croissant, to be perfectly bloody honest.

Greggs, in a statement, asserted that they were “really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention.

So there you have it, folks. Definitive proof. The tiny Baby Jesus is not a sausage roll. Nor is it a pie, a pastie, a tart, a turnover, an eclair, a quiche, or even a slice. Jesus is not any of those things, and any insinuation otherwise is unacceptable.

‘Course if he were a sausso roll then that whole “the body of Christ” thing just got a shiteload tastier.

Source: NME
Image: Twitter