The brains behind Melbourne’s cult-fave pastry shop Lune Croissanterie have kicked off another delicious and otherworldly project – New York-style deep-fried pastries called crullers.

Popping up just down the street from the original Lune Croissanterie joint in Fitzroy in Melbourne’s inner-north, Moon is the new project from Kate Reid is bringing the lesser-known, much naughtier sibling of the croissant to Aussie tums.

As is to be expected from the ovens of the Lune gang, these things look bloody delicious.

The cruller looks awfully like a fancy doughnut, but the beloved NY pastry is anything but. Made from choux pastry (MasterChef stans know what’s up), the cruller is deep fried to get a hot and crunchy outside, with an inside consistency similar to a cream puff. Think custard-y levels of gooey moisture.

Unlike a doughnut or croissant, crullers aren’t really sweet or buttery on their own, so each one is dipped in a simple sweet glaze. Reid told Delicious that she wants to stick to the basics on these new treats at Moon, including cinnamon sugar, vanilla, and coffee glaze. The cruller glaze list at Moon also includes chocolate, passionfruit, and raspberry toppings, rounding out the offerings to a neat six pack.

Reid developed the idea for Moon just before Melbourne’s hard lockdown in 2020, when she decided she wanted to have a run at something outside of the refined and delicate croissants she’s been crafting for years at Lune.

“I went over to my mum and dad’s house one day, before we went into a hard lockdown, and said to mum ‘I want to make crullers for afternoon tea’,” she told Delicious.

“I think she was a bit annoyed because I made the kitchen really oily.”

From that first attempt, Reid was finessing her recipe and technique for the new pastry project until she knew she was ready to take her crullers to the moon, literally.

The result is the crunchy, moist, devilish younger sibling of the Lune croissant, perfectly deep fried and designed to be eaten as fresh as possible.

A single Moon cruller will set you back $5.50, and you can find them at 50 Rose St Fitzroy, just down the road from Lune Croissanterie. The shop’s open from 7.30am to 3pm (earlier if they sell out) on Thursdays and Fridays, and 8am until 3pm (or sold out) on weekends.

Image: Instagram / @mooncruller