It’s been a while since we’ve had a new combination of snacks that results in one unbelievably unholy creation, but worry no longer, ’cause a bakery in Manly has broken the drought. Please know that we have been blessed on this here day with the creation of the meat pie croissant, and I wish to greet it face first with my mouth.

Rollers Bakehouse in Manly has unleashed the latest member in the wider croissant family tree just in time for Father’s Day this weekend, marrying together the flaky deliciousness of a crossie with the humble meat pie.

The result? This absolute monster of a thing.

croissant meat pie
Oh my GOD.

Look I don’t know if this is the first croissant meat pie in existence but at this point do I really care? Absolutely not. Because just stop for a second and look at the beauty and splendour of this glorious cross-section, it’s like a perfect balance of juicy and gooey and flaky. I’m in awe.

The croissant meat pies will be on sale from the Manly bakery from this Saturday (September 5) and comes with a big glob of housemade tomato chutney on the side. I’ve been on a huge pie/pastie and chutney bent lately and just thinking about a hot, crunchy, flaky pie with zingy tomato chutney has me totally salivating.

If you’re not into the idea of a meat pie croissant hybrid food baby, the Rollers Bakehouse gang has also got a few other treats in the oven this weekend, including a twice-baked cauliflower cheese croissant and a sticky date scroll.

So if you’re able to get to Manly this weekend, make sure you duck down Rialto Lane to that little dusty pink roller door and grab yourself a couple of treats.

Image: Supplied