SA’s Footy Pie Lords Are Releasing A Vegan Range, Full Credit To ‘Em

Get right around the good folk over at Balfours Bakery in Adelaide, who have announced that they’re making a couple of very good vegan additions to the menu.

Fingers crossed this means that vegos who have been stinging for a hot pie at the footy on a Sunday arvo can now get their gob around ’em.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

The new pies and pasties from the footy fare faves are to mark 165 years (!!!) of the Balfours clan heating up tums across the nation with their delicious dogs eyes – chuck on a bit of dead horse and you’ve got yourself a perfect hand-held hunger-buster, my friend.

Included in the new, meat-free range is a mushroom, kale, and leek pie, a curried lentil & potato pie, a veggie roll, and a full roast veg pastie.

I’d like to make a full petition for these new pies, pasties and rolls to be doled out at every footy game so those who don’t want to opt for the ol’ mystery meat can have something that isn’t a cup of chips.

If you’re also wondering what Balfours are famous for apart from a perfect footy pie, it’s those god damned frog cakes that pop up at regional bakeries from time to time.

You know the ones, they’re in the cake case in all their weird, green (or pink) glory, next to the neenish tarts and the cream buns.

I know that they’re a South Aus icon but they look like they’d be screaming if they weren’t made of cake and icing. There, I said it.