Four ‘N Twenty’s New Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Pie Will Transform Servo Trips Forever

Australian pastry merchants Four ‘N Twenty have unveiled their new meat-free “meat” pie, promising plant-based punters the chance to get crumbs all over themselves at the footy.

Business Insider reports the new pie’s filling comes in the form of a soy-based plant protein mince, which combines with all the ingredients you’d expect to form a not-quite-meat pie.

It’s a simple concept which the company believes will be a pretty big winner.

Speaking to BI, Anand Surujpal, marketing lord at Four ‘N Twenty’s parent company Patties, said there’s a literal and economic hunger for more plant-based products in the market.

“Our research found that 53% of consumers are reducing or eliminating meat from their diet, so it made sense to create Four’N Twenty’s first ever Meat Free pie for those on a plant-based diet,” Surujpal said.

The development comes amid a wave of traditionally animal product-based goodies introducing plant-based alternatives. In recent months, shoppers have been blessed with vegan Cornetto ice creams, Cadbury choccie bars, Nando’s “chicken” burgers, and a new range of Domino’s pizzas. 

The Four ‘N Twenty pie announcement also comes after Pie Face’s own vegan pie news. Heady times for folks who like their pastry hasty (and with considerably less animal cruelty than usual).

It’s worth noting that the new Four ‘N Twenty baby isn’t strictly vegan. There’s no egg or dairy used in the new product, but a company spokesperson said they are processed through the same line which handles meaty versions. Still, a win is a win.

The new pies will rock up in March. I’m keen to fool even more people into thinking I’m really into AFL by tucking into one of these.