Pie Face Just Released A Plant-Based Pie & Sausage Roll ‘Coz Vegans Need A Smoko Feed Too

pie face vegan

Smoko just got 100x better for your vegan mates because beloved pie shop Pie Face has just released a plant-based range.

In a huge win for anyone who adopts a vegan diet, or simply wants to reduce their meat intake, Pie Face has just released a meat-free sausage roll and pie.

The beef-like meat alternative aims to satisfy those meaty cravings, whether you’re on your smoko break or you’re at the footy.

Pie Face took to Facebook to announce the new plant-based range, receiving a huge outpour of support from vegans and vegetarians across the world.

In just over an hour the post received over 250 comments and nearly 50 shares, proving that the people really want a good vegan pie to sink their teeth into.

Fans were quick to flood the comments with messages of support, thanking the pie franchise for making more sustainable, plant-based options for their customers.

The company has confirmed that the product itself is 100% plant based and vegan, but is stored next to non-vegan products. All-in-all, a huge win for vegans and vegetarians with a hankering for flaky pie or a glorious sausage roll.

It’s 2020 and we can’t help but stan plant-based alternatives being readily available at your favourite fast food outlets.

Pizza, pies, burgers, the world really is your (vegan) oyster.