Sydney Is Copping The ‘Pie Burger,’ The Most Aussie Way To Fuck Your Arteries

Have you ever looked at a standard burger and thought to yourself “I wish there were a way for this to destroy my innards quicker whilst somehow being about 50% more Australian“? Then BOY are you ever in luck!

Sydneysiders are about to be purely blessed – or purely cursed, depending on how you look at it – with what is almost inarguably the most Australian fucked up food creation of all time: a Meat Pie Burger.

The Originals Burger Co in the northern Sydney suburb of Brookvale has conjured up the fearsome looking dish, which packs so much meat in it that it practically has its own sweats.

Dubbed the Pie Guts, the concept of this particular affront to God is devilishly simple: A (somewhat) regular burger, that does away with the lower half of the bun in favour of a fully fledged meat pie.


It’s a piping hot steak and mushroom pie on the bottom, topped with what appears to be at least two beef patties, hi-melt cheese, bacon, the Originals’ own special sauce, tomato sauce, fried onions, liquid cheese, and topped off with the upper half of a milk bun.

It looks a treat but the logistics of it make it a glorious mess in the making, so this is probably one of those sit-down affairs.

Regardless, the burger/pie/both is being slapped together in honour of all footy codes returning in 2018, and will be available to ruin your life from March 1st onwards.

Sure, you might scoff at the idea of it. But deep in your awful soul you know you’re dying to take a bite of it.

Go on.

What are you waiting for.

Get stuck into it.