Whoever thought of a self-saucing meat pie needs to go to jail immediately, because that is an assault…an assault of my taste buds.

You can blame the big dogs at Coles for that one, who decided to invent the Tomato Sauce Pie. Yep, it’s your classic meat pie with the sauce already added, “so you don’t have to.”

On one hand, I want to crawl into a ball and start shaking vigorously. On the other, I think this could genuinely be a good idea for when you’re feeling lazy or for an on-the-go feed.

I personally hate trying to eat a pie with sauce in public. You squeeze it into that brown paper bag, it completely misses the pie and then just settles at the bottom of the bag, making it all soggy. So maybe the idea isn’t so bad after all?

But then again, my favourite part about eating a meat pie or sausage roll is putting cold tomato sauce on top. The combination of the hot pie, with the cold sauce is just *chef’s kiss*.

You may as well be eating tomato soup if the sauce ain’t at least room temperature.

Other people are also on the fence, and rightly so. 7News reported that some folks on social media weren’t too crash hot on the idea.

“Are we really that lazy that they think it’s a good idea to pre-sauce and save us from doing it?,” one person commented.

“Adding tomato sauce is part of the ritual. Even when it drips down your arm. That’s part of the ritual,” another wrote.

And then there are some people who just want to watch the world burn.

“Everyone knows the only sauce you put on a pie is barbecue sauce,” they said.


The Tomato Sauce Pies costs $5 for a pack of two. You can also purchase other flavours, like Cheese Burger (barf) and Spicy Burrito (barf).

I just want a pie that tastes like a real pie. Is that too much to ask for?