Cult-Fave Syd Vegan Restaurant Bodhi Is Closing Its Doors So I Guess This City Really Is Cursed

Bodhi restaurant in Sydney closing

Cult Sydney vegan eatery Bodhi is closing its doors in just a couple of weeks proving yet again we are in the darkest timeline.

Bodhi restaurant announced their up-coming closure in an Instagram farewell post that has torn my heart in two.

“We are sad to announce that after 34 years of trading, Bodhi Restaurant Bar will be closing its doors at Cook and Phillip Park in two weeks’ time on Aug 7th, 2022,” owner Heaven Leigh wrote.

“We have made the decision to close while the business is still strong so that we could end on a high.

“We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the vegan community for so many years and grateful to have been supported by customers old and new.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to be able to serve the community by sharing our passion for vegan food.

“We maintain our belief that plant-based is good for your health, your soul, your conscience, and the world around us.”

Leigh, whose mother Lee-Leng Whong founded Bodhi back when it was a Taoist eatery, did not disclose a reason as to why the restaurant is closing — though it’s been reported the restaurant was affected by pandemic-induced lockdowns and staff shortages.

Plant-based restaurants are few and far between in this cursed city so as an always-vegetarian/sometimes-vegan myself, this news is shattering.

“Are you reopening at another location?” one hopeful customer asked.

“Bodhi is my favourite place ever!”

“Devasting!” wrote another.

At this point I’m one more closed establishment away from moving to Melbourne.