Melb’s Cult Fave Cake Spot Beatrix Is Closing Its Doors & I’m Sobbing Into My Banoffee Pie

beatrix north melbourne cake shop closing

Melbourne cult favourite cake shop Beatrix is closing down, which is simply upsetting news for our tummies and morning teas. Let us pour out a coffee in solemn mourning for all the delicious treats lost like tears in rain.

Beatrix owner Natalie Paull posted the sad news on Instagram on Wednesday and confirmed the North Melbourne sweeties spot is set to shut its doors for the last time in early August.

“I am a blender of emotions as I let you know that I am closing the shop with our last day being in early August,” she wrote.

“The relentless stress of crisis management over the last two-plus years of a small business is tipping into too salty (and I am truly much more suited to caramel management).

“While I adore my shop and have always had a supportive and wonderful team around me, I run this cakehouse as a solo owner (no regretty) and I think I am a little puffed and need a hard break after 12 years.”

Please excuse me while I cry into my next generous serving of lemon tart.

Paull said that although she’s stepping away from the brick-and-mortar shop on the corner of Queensberry and Lothian Streets, she’s not entirely putting the baking tools down.

She intends to do some whole cake orders (that’s my next birthday sorted) and various pop-ups but she didn’t say for how long. Paull is also working on releasing her second bakebook in 2024. I guess if we can’t pop down to the wee shop to cop a sweet slice or a delish cake, we’ll just have to try our hand at making a Beatrix cake at home. It’s fine, I’m fine.

While we don’t know when Beatrix will flip the closed sign over for the last time, we’ve got another couple of weeks to hop in line and hope the banoffee pie hasn’t run out yet.

It’s been a long and delicious 12 years and I guess it’s time to let the cake mama rest.