Google Has Added Melbourne’s ‘Paris End’ To Its Maps And O-Hon-Hon-Hon It’s A Bit Fancy

melbourne paris end google maps

Congratulations Melbourne, we’ve made it. The city-wide gag of calling the fancy end of town “The Paris End” has been picked up by Google Maps and is now what you see when you look up the city on the site.

That’s right mon cheries, the southeast corner of the CBD is now officially recognised online as The Paris End which is pretty weird considering that fancy pocket of Essendon DFO is right there. Who’s gonna tell them?

melbourne paris end google maps
Ah there it is, the corner of love. [Image: Google Maps]
The Paris End of Melbourne apparently got its name because of all the high-end designer stores and French-inspired restaurants and bars in the area. It exists in the space between Flinders and Bourke Streets and Russell and Spring Streets.

You know the spot — right next to Treasury Gardens where all the shops I wouldn’t feel comfortable breathing in are.

It’s not a particularly new thing, either. The knowledge of The Paris End is something that’s intrinsically Melbourne.

It’s almost a yardstick for figuring out the spots in cities where an outfit will probably cost you a week’s rent, or where all the private school people have knock-offs on a Friday (hint: it’s caviar and champagne, probably).

But also, the existence of a Paris End of Melbourne would imply that a “Melbourne End” of Paris also exists, right?

Does Paris have a Revs? Does it have a carrot man? Does this mean there’s an Elvis shrine at a random cemetery in Paris? Does it have a laneway filled with graffiti and sometimes a human shit if you’re lucky?

Much to consider the next time you walk around the fancy-ass end of town.