Just as gyms start to pry doors open across the country, Ben & Jerry’s has unleashed a very messy, super-indulgent ice cream burger for all of us to wrap our laughing gear around. Life’s all about balance, right? Good. Okay. Glad we’re in agreement.

The ‘Impossible To Eat Burger’ looks like a pretty standard-fare burger from far away – you’ve got the buns (important), things that look like lettuce and tomato, a big schmear of something that could be a satay sauce, a drizzle of something that looks like BBQ sauce over a very light-looking pattie. Everything’s in order here, yep.

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But in reality, you’re looking at a “pattie” of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream packed between two sides of a sweet brioche bun. It’s sandwiched in there with red and green slices of crispy waffle pieces, a healthy slathering of Biscoff spread and drizzled in your choice of a chocolate hot fudge or caramel sauce.

Look, I may have eaten an ungodly amount of cake and ice cream over the last couple of weeks, but I absolutely do still want to inhale this burg, stat.

The big messy burger is the first offering in Ben & Jerry’s new ‘fast food series’, which will see dessert versions of classic fast-food faves hit select Scoop Shops and UberEats across Aus and NZ. Check out the Ben & Jerry’s website to see if your local is slinging the sweet burger.

Ben & Jerry’s will apparently be teasing the next creation over on Insta, and please, do a bucket of ice cream chicken and chips next. I dunno how that will even look or work, but it’s what I want to see happen.

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