Sydney Fave Rashays Entered The Big Mac War & Was Immediately Slapped With A Cease & Desist

Alright folks, buckle up, the McDonald’s versus Hungry Jack’s war has just gotten an extra bit juicy, with a brand new burger jumping into the ring courtesy of Aussie restaurant chain Rashays.

Rashays have just launched its brand new burger to make fun of the entire fast feud going on between McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s, and it is spectacularly titled the Big MacJac. Yep, you read that right.

What makes things even spicier though is the fact that the good people at the golden arches have ALREADY hit them with a cease and desist letter asking them to promptly stop the burger in its tracks.

Harold, get the popcorn.

Rashays founder Rami Ykmour says that although Macca’s have been “threatening with legal action,” the burger was created with the intention to be pretty tongue-in-cheek.

“There’s nothing more Aussie than having a bit of a laugh at their expense,” he said.

“We can’t believe in these tough times where we are struggling to survive through a global pandemic, one big giant is fighting with another, wasting time over a burger.

“Our focus should be connecting and supporting each other rather than filing a lawsuit. How silly is that?”

Rashays Big MacJac
Looks familiar, but hey, that’s the point.

Rami has also revealed what he put into the ‘special sauce’ of the burger to get it tasting like the secretive concoction that McDonald’s put in their burgs.

“American mustard, sugar, garlic powder, gherkin relish, white pepper, whole egg mayonnaise, tomato sauce and white wine vinegar. There you go, the secret is out,” Rami said.

As for the cease and desist, well, Rashays will be going ahead with its Big MacJac burger. The towering burg is said to be made with Aussie Black Opal Wagyu Beef, and looks très tasty if you ask me. I for one pledge allegiance to the third member of the burger war.

Just last week, McDonald’s finally took Hungry Jack’s to court to take them down for its Big Jack burger, ordering the complete destruction of all creative property associated with the burger that was deemed to be too similar to the legendary Big Mac.

The judge, however, was not very impressed at all, calling most of the lawsuit “clutter.”

Naturally, the Big Mac, Big Jack and now the Big MacJac are all available for you to try and pick your favourites, but as for the lawsuit, we’ll be watching closely to see how the hell this fiasco ends.