Hungry Jack’s Ramp Up Its Burger War Antics With A Second Shady Ad Aimed At McDonald’s

McDonald's Hungry Jacks Second Ad Macca's

While we wait for the court results between McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s over the Big Mac and Big Jack burgers, HJ has decided to kick off phase seven of the burger war, with another cheeky ad targeted at their competitors, because one ad just wasn’t juicy enough.

In its brand new ad, the company has doubled down on their targeting of the golden arches. Originally in its first ad, Hungry Jack’s slammed McDonald’s for sueing them. Now, the company are poking fun at them for not just suing them, but also for having a problem with their first ad. Honestly, when will this petty feud end.

“First they sued Hungry Jack’s, now they want to ban our ad telling you that Big Jack has 25% more Aussie beef than theirs,” says the ad.

“But we know, when you tell an Aussie it’s big, it better be big.”

Lord have mercy that is a LOT of shade for one advertisement. You can check out the ad below.

Now if you’re not up to speed with the Burger Wars, also dubbed the Fast Feud, then where on Earth have you been?

In case you’re not aware, this brand new ad is making reference to the preliminary hearing court case that went down between the two burger companies on Friday, October 2nd. In the Federal Court hearing, McDonald’s brought up to the judge a whole bunch of claims against HJ, which Justice Burley then called “clutter”.

In one of her final statements, however, Sydney barrister Edwina Whitby, who spoke on behalf of McDonald’s, mentioned that Hungry Jack’s had received a letter from the golden arches asking for it to either take down its ad, or substantiate the claims made within it that the Big Jack is in fact, bigger.

Basically, they wrote to Hungry Jack’s to tell them to piss off with their cheeky nonsense.

This isn’t the only letter sent out by the golden arches either, as we discovered not long ago when Sydney chain Rashay’s were sent a cease and desist from Macca’s for their Big MacJac burger.

It looks like Hungry Jack’s will not be obeying the lettered request to take down the ad, as we can clearly see in this second ad which just rubs more salt in the wound.

Keep it petty, kings, we’ll be waiting for the final court result.