Ben & Jerry’s has done did whipped up a bloody ice cream pizza, and I would like to devour one immediately.

Ben & Jerry’s has created the cheeky dessert as part of its Fast Food series, which is exactly what it sounds like. More on that later.

So, what is the Ben & Jerry’s twist on a pizza? Let’s get right into it.

The base is pretty much a slab of baked cookie dough, which is enough to make my mouth water. Then, you can add either a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or the divine chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. AND THEN, it’s toppings time!

You can choose two toppings from a selection of cookie dough pieces (if you want cookie dough from crust to toppings), brownie bits, choc-dipped pretzels, nuts, or some blessed Oreos.


The ice cream pizzas are available as both single slices or as a whole pizza to share with (yourself) your loved ones.

You can grab your very own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pizza in-store from Scoop Shops across ACT, NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and Perth.

Find your closest Scoop Shop, right HERE.

Or, you can get it delivered via UberEats, if you’re within range.

The ice cream pizza is the second sweet treat in Ben & Jerry’s Fast Food series, in which the team think up twists on classic favourite dishes. They pretty much turn universal favourites into an ice cream experience.

Back in June, Ben & Jerry’s unleashed the limited edition dessert burger. That baby looked like a burger, but it was very much a sweet eat.

It consisted of two brioche buns (of course), your choice of ice cream, a layer of biscoff spread, crunchy waffle pieces, and a drizzle of either hot fudge or caramel sauce.

More fast food inspired desserts will hit the menu in the coming months.

Who knows what Ben & Jerry’s will come up with next.

Image: Simpsons / Ben & Jerry's Australia