ALDI Is Doing A Wine Advent Calendar, So Watch Us Try To Not Rip It Open In One Day

We’re screaming ever closer to the end of the year and if that doesn’t demand downing as much wine as humanly possible, then I don’t know what does. ALDI is coming in nice and early with some liquid assistance, launching a fully-french wine advent calendar for this year’s silly season.

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The big box of sippers will truly test your self-control, as behind each little door lives a little bottle of wine, ranging from fizzy bubbles, to reds, whites, and rosé.

I don’t quite know how I’m going to go with not just reefing open the whole thing and drinking the lot after a noted Hell Day™ but I’m gunna give it a red hot go. Plus I can get out the tiny bottles and pretend I’m a giant woman with an immense thirst, which is always my favourite thing to do with mini versions of things.

The wine advent calendar is landing in that sacred middle aisle at ALDI on November 13 – so you’ll have like half a month of them taunting you from the back of the pantry – and you can nab one for a very tight $79.99.

If you think about it, you’re getting 24 bottles of wine which are probably about 200ml each, right? So if you do the math you’re getting like 4.8L of wine for $80. Yes I know you can go and buy a 5L cask of goon for less than that but this is far more festive, and definitely more acceptable to have on display when your parents drop in.

Leave yourself a little reminder on the fridge, or your phone, or write it down on your hand, because I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna be left out of this advent calendar.