The 6 Best Boozy Advent Calendars For Anyone Who Loves Opening Tiny Doors To Tiny Lil’ Drinks

boozy advent calendars 2020

The countdown is upon us friends – we’re staring down the barrel of the last month of the year (thank GOD) and that means it’s time to crack out the advent calendar for 24 days of little treats before the big day of lots of treaties. That’s right, it’s nearly bloody Christmas and I dunno about you but I am not ready.

But, importantly, this means we’re just about to step into the silly season. The month where you can just be a bit naughty and have a few special yums, and I’ll put it to you that an advent calendar is the best excuse to have a little surprise treat every day. And a boozy advent calendar? Well, that’s just even better, if you ask me.

Advent calendars for the bigger kids (read: adults) have been cropping up more and more over the years, ranging from nudie rudie ones filled with sex toys, fancy-ass coffee ones, and offerings filled with delicious bevs.

My own dad is very partial to a craft beer one, where he then rates and reviews every Froth Whitlam over text for the whole 24 days before I see him at Christmas. A tried and true winner, mates.

So as we’re about to step into December (which I can barely believe, after this whole shit of a year) here are some booze-filled advent calendars you can prop up near the tree, in the kitchen, or on your bedside table for a daily tipple. Maybe don’t sub out your morning coffee for them, though.

Boozy Advent Calendars To Count Down To The 2020 Silly Season

1. ALDI 24 Days Of Wine $84.99

The sacred middle aisle is serving up mini bottles of sparkling, white, rosé, and reds to count down to the big day where we all absolutely crack one at 10am and then fall asleep on the couch after lunch.

boozy christmas calendars ALDI

2. Drinks By The Dram – $99.99

Fancy yourself a bit more ~sophisticated~ than 24 bottles of plonk? You can go down the more spirited route and grab a 12-day advent calendars from your local Dan Murphy’s, filled with a range of delicious drops. Maybe whiskey (or whisky) is your vibe, or how about getting ratty on little bottles of rum? Whatever you wish to sip, you can open a tiny little door and get a tiny little bottle every day for 12 days before Christmas.

3. 24 Days Of Cognac – $279.99

If you really want to splash out, there’s a 24-day calendar of 50ml bottle of bougie cognac to sip upon whilst you wait for Saint Nicholas to pay a visit. I cannot confirm if he’s partial to a drop of nectar, but you never know.

cognac advent calendars christmas

4. 24 Days Of Rum – $199.99

How about celebrating the last run of this trash year with 24 tiny bottles of rum from around the world? A nice little spicy night cap every night for $200? Yeah go on.

christmas countdown calendar rum 2020

5. 12 Days Of Beer – $37.00

There’s truly nothing more refreshing than a perfectly chilled crispy boi after a long, hot day. Now you can tuck into one for 12 days straight before you get to Christmas lunch and sneak a couple of Dad’s Crownies.

12 days of beer calendar

6. Good Pair Days 12 Wines Of Christmas – from $295

Chuck back a few glasses of neck oil from the Good Pair Days gang, who have cobbled together three boozy advent calendars – pure reds, chillable plonks (important for summer) and a mixed back for the best of both worlds.

wine advent calendars 2020

Look, you might be cutting it a bit fine trying to grab yourself a boozy advent calendar on November 30, let’s be real. But that also means you’re allowed to play catchup and tuck into multiple days’ worth in one go. Can’t argue with that.