Woolies Is Doing A Cheese-Laden Advent Calendar This Year If You Wish To Celebrate Baby Cheeses

woolies cheese advent calendar

The silly season has absolutely come early, and the advent calendars are coming in thick and fast. For those of us who tend to over-do it on the choccies and want something a little more ~dignified~ to count down the days until the Big Mahn clambers down the chimney to do a reverse-robbery, Woolies is doing a very bougie cheese advent calendar once again.

Landing later this week, a humble $20 will score you a variety of Thomas Dux cheeses to nibble on for the 12 days leading up to Christmas (lord knows a full 24 days of cheese will sweat like a glassblower’s ass) so you can celebrate exactly as anyone would want – with ample baby cheeses.

woolies cheese advent calendar

Behind each of the little doors on this cheesy chest is one of six different kinds of fromage, including Double Gloucester with spring onion and chives, Cheddar with black pepper, Double Gloucester, Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, and Cheddar with chilli. Perfect little morsels of yum to monch on while you’re going about your silly little tasks every day.

woolies cheese advent calendar
Every day I open the silly little doors for my silly little serotonin boost.

A little interactive daily present of indulgence is what we need and also deserve during what’s possibly been the longest fucking year known to humanity.

To be honest, the hardest part of this cheese advent calendar – as is the way with most of these – is not to get a bit pissy on a few wines and say “well fuck this” and open up every door to inhale it all in one sitting. I know, the urge to pretend you’re a giant tearing the lids off teeny rooms to find the tantalising treats that are hiding inside is very alluring, but have a bit of respect for yourself and the tradition, please. Don’t make a scene again, you’ll upset your grandmother.

And if cheese isn’t your thing (I promise I won’t judge you), then there’s a few choice advent calendar options out there beyond the classic patience-testing chocolate ones. ALDI has a bunch this year, including Lacura skincare, Vittoria coffee, and Trolli gummi calendars. Or you could spoil yourself and get a full-on Lush advent calendar. Or maybe a boozy gin one from Gintonica.

Maybe I’ll fuck it up and get the holy trinity this year – chomping on cheese, knocking back a gin and tonic and soaking in a bubble bath.