Prepare To Endure Some Extreme Restraint ’Cos Messina Has Announced Its First Advent Calendar

gelato messina advent calendar

It’s nearly that time of year again when we get to open tiny little doors on a box to reveal tiny treats inside like some kind of delicious countdown. This year our fave besties at Gelato Messina have entered the game with their first go at an advent calendar. Mates, it looks so good.

The silly season is going to be insanely yummy this year now that Messina has a dedicated calendar filled with 24 days’ worth of little snackies. Look at it, it’s perfect.

gelato messina advent calendar christmas
YUM. [Image: Supplied]
Behind each little door is a wee chocolate to munch on. While most of them are surprises we can confirm there are mini waffle cone bites, salted cashew brittle, Messinatella bickies and panned Panettone.

My keen eye has also spied a little chocolate man (maybe a choc-coated gingerbread friend?) and a perfectly-square chocolate freckle. There’s also something pistachio-crusted, possibly a nod to Messina’s iconic Pistachio Praline flavour.

gelato messina advent calendar christmas
WHO IS THAT? [Image: Supplied]
Messina’s debut advent calendars are a very limited edition festive release with only 300 available to be snapped up this year. Preorders will be on sale at different times on Wednesday, October 19 (tomorrow!) on the Messina website and will set you back $89 a pop.

All ACT and Queensland stores will go on sale at 9am and then Victorian stores will be on sale at 9.30am. Stores in NSW will be split into three groups and will go on sale in a staggered release between 10am and 11am.

If you manage to score yourself possibly the tastiest advent calendar this year you’ll be able to pick them up from your select store between November 25 and 27.

Thank Christ we won’t have to spend the next month and a bit with a Messina advent calendar sitting in our houses taunting us until December 1 rolls around. I don’t think I’d be able to control myself.