Messina Has Collab’d With Four Pillars For A Deliciously Boozy Last Minute Christmas Gelato

messina christmas pudding gelato four pillars

In great news for anyone who’s suddenly realised they forgot to sort out sweets this year, Gelato Messina has teamed up with Four Pillars Gin to make a deliciously boozy Christmas gelato. Is it perfect for last-minute runs to pick up an extra dessert before the big day, or a great reason to kick Boxing Day off with a yum frozen pud treat? You can bet your sweet bippy it is.

Every year, Messina sticks to its tradition of putting out a Christmas pudding flavour, a chance to enjoy the delights of Christmas without scorching in the summer heat. The maniacs over in the dessert labs have taken things a step further this time around, adding Four Pillars’ limited edition Australian Christmas Gin into the mix.

So instead of the classic brandy usually in the annual frozen Christmas pud treat, it’s a yum concoction of gin — distilled with its juniper, star anise, pepperberry, lemon myrtle, and actual pudding — blended in with candied fruits and brown sugar. Sugar, spice, and everything nice is in this limited edition Messina creation.

messina four pillars christmas pudding gelato limited edition
[Image: Gelato Messina]
The limited edition flavour is hitting Messina stores from Christmas Eve (that’s tomorrow if you’ve lost all concept of time), and it’ll be available for a week — plenty of time to panic and get some before going to your parents’ place for a low-key lunch or getting a recovery scoop after the beach.

There’s no pre-ordering for the Christmas Pudding gelato like the annual Coma or Messina’s hot tubs, either. So you can toddle into your local store in NSW, Victoria, QLD or the ACT and cop some at the regular prices, which range from $4.50 for a tiny scoop right up to $29 for a 1.5 litre tub of yum.

If I were you I’d move quickly though, because I’m sure this limited edition pud is gonna go as fast as the boozy desserts that Nan dishes up at the adults’ table on Christmas day.