Messina Is Doing A Fancy Pants Lamington Gelato Tub So It’s Time To Play Some Freezer Tetris

messina lamington gelato hot tub

Gelato Messina has gone all-out on the yum treats this year, and to finish off the year on a sugar high, it’s unleashing its last Hot Tub onto us undeserving plebs. Noting that the dessert lords have saved the best to last, Messina just put up a tub of gelato that’s a twist on a classic treat – the lamington.

Much like the previous Hot Tub creations – like that Viennetta one I’ll never get over – the limited batch of frozen yum is not simply a flavour of gelato, but a whole slab of lamington reimagined by the Messina team.

Instead of the bog-standard chocolate and coconut covered sponge, they’ve worked in chocolate and coconut gelato, house-made lamingtons, chocolate mousse and raspberry gel, and smothered the whole thing in a chocolate glaze and desiccated coconut.

messina lamington gelato hot tub

Yes, I wish to inhale one immediately.

Litre tubs of this drool-worthy creation will set you back $30, and you can pre-order them from the Messina website right now. You’ll be able to pick up your delicious treat from your local Messina shop across Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Sydney (except for the one at The Star) from Friday afternoon, until Sunday, November 29.

Messina suggests you eat this one by scooping it into a cone, but I can tell you right here and now that I’m gonna go straight at the tub with a spoon.

Can we just have a real good look at this slab of deliciousness again?

messina lamington gelato hot tub

Sweet baby Jesus that looks rude as hell. Those layers of supremely good yum yum. I don’t need it at all, but Christ I want it.

May I stress, these tubs are only in limited supply – like all the other hot tubs, cookie pies, and bake-at-home treats Messina has dropped over 2020 – and this lamington one is also the very last edition for this year. So once it’s gone, it’s done, and we’ll have to wait to see what 2021 has in store for us all.

Messina’s annual Christmas Coma has also sold out for this year (sorry if you missed that one too), but you can still pick up one of the team’s gelato cakes if you’re after something a little fancier than a Freddo cake this silly season.