A dirt-cheap bottle of bubbles from ALDI has just nabbed not one, but two gold awards at an international wine competition this week, with two other white wines under $10 also taking out double gold, too. Bloody hell, dangerous day to be a crisp white wine in the fridge right now, I reckon.

The South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir from the ALDI range is the cheapest of the big winners, which comes in at a very delicious $4.99 a pop. Meanwhile the other two double golds were given to the Bordeaux Les Maurins Sauvignon Blanc 2020 and the Villa Elsa Pinot Grigio 2020 – which both come in at $6.99 a bottle.

Hell yeah, ALDI out here once again just reminding us all that award-winning fizz and plonk doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

“We are thrilled that our award-winning wines have been recognised yet again among the highest quality drops available in Australia,” said ALDI’s wine buying director, Jason Bowyer.

“Produced locally and abroad by our network of loyal partners, these awards are a testament to their hard work and dedication.”

ALDI wines really cleaned up the Melbourne International Wine Competition this year, with six wines under $20 winning gold against drops from over seven other countries. Wines like the One Road Cabernet Merlot 2019 ($7.49), El Toro Macho Reserva 2016 ($8.99), and the Blackstone Paddock Shiraz 2019 ($17.99) took home the gold, which is a pretty good result.

On top of the all the gold, ALDI vinos also took out seven silvers and 11 bronze awards at this year’s competition, which surely must cover just about everything in the booze section at the local shop, right? Like whatever I go for with my next shop is gonna be an award-winner at some level, I reckon.

So there ya go, you can absolutely impress your housemates/pets/single bubble buddy this weekend with a bottle of ~gold award winning~ fizz, they don’t need to know it costs about the same as an oat milk flat white. The perfect crime.

Image: BBC Three