ALDI’s $7 Shiraz Just Beat Out Some Fancy $350 Plonk For A Gold Medal

ALDI Shiraz Gold Medal

TFIF, am I right? Since we’re all true blue Aussies, it’s customary to celebrate the beginning of the weekend by kicking back and getting low-key wasted on affordable wine. Or is that just me?

same tbh

In wonderful news for all my fellow cheapskate wine drinkers, renowned purveyors of well-priced plonk ALDI have scored a Gold Medal at the 2017 Great Australian Shiraz Challenge for their $7 red.

ALDI’s One Road South Australian Heathcote Shiraz 2016 is by far the most affordable drop to get the gold, with the next cheapest gold medal winner coming in at $14.99.

Peep the full list of winning Shiraz HERE. Amazingly enough, ALDI’s $7 masterpiece actually scored higher than silver medallists Bird in Hand 2013 MAC Shiraz. That particular vino will set you back a stonking $350 for a bottle, so excuse me for saying but fuck that.

It’s not the first time the One Road Shiraz has raked in awards – it also won Double Gold at the Melbourne International Wine Competition back in August. Show-off.

Usually, a wine that costs seven bucks is a bad hangover waiting to happen, but with all these accolades it seems this drop is the real deal. Dunno bout you, but I’m off to throw my money at the nearest ALDI, asap.